Computer & Network Support

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We know that for Dental practices and Orthodontics alike, the use of database software means that almost every aspect of the business is being handled and stored digitally on computer. This information is vital for effective patient care and day-to-day running of any practice.

Whether you have used our support services before or not, we are always just a simple call away. 

Our team of engineers are available to provide assistance for dentists in the UK, from ad hoc support on a one-off basis or via one of our support contracts saving you time and money.

Digital X-ray and 3D imaging software

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At DISDental we have a wealth of experience and skills in the dental industry and the technologies used.

Having worked with many manufacturers across the dental industry, and the various pieces of equipment, we are confident that we can solve most problems suffered when using digital x-ray equipment   

Offsite Encrypted and CQC compliant Backup

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DISDental IT provide specialist support for dental databases across the UK
Specialist Skills in Dental Databases

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For dental practices, the use of software such as Exact from Software of Excellence or Kodak R4/Clinical + means that almost every aspect of running a dental surgery is being handled and stored digitally on computers. Clinical notes, patient charts, x-rays, appointment records and contact details are all being held in digital format.

For dental practices, this information is vital for effective patient care and for the day-to-day running of the surgery.

Whilst the actual equipment needed to carry out dental procedures will still be available, it will be difficult  to make new appointments and find the relevant records for incoming patients. That’s where we can help - we provide online backup for dentists in the UK.

We have a distinct range of specialist skills for the dental industry, and that includes the range of "dental databases" on the market.  Whether you use Kodak R4, Clinical+, or ExAct, Dentsys, or even Orthotrac we can provide help and support when things aren't working as they should.

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