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Founded in 2004, the DISConsulting group was and still is based on one passion - the love of technology.  We realised that technology is one of the most important parts of business and is now the driving force behind growth for many.  We've been fortunate to enjoy access to the latest technologies leading to success in business and we continue to grow year on year. We now devote our time to passing on these technologies, coaching and helping dental practices to use them.​

So if you're a Dentist, Orthodontist or Practice Owner looking for an IT company that understands you, looking for a company that can help and support you, a place for advice, new technology and ideas, then congratulations -

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Who Are DISDental IT?


DISDental IT is part of the DISConsulting Group which provides technology and support services across the UK.


Our company is built on the principles of supplying quality products and providing a reliable service.


Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and LISTENING to the customer.

Our Management


My name is Mark cotton, and I am the Managing Director of the DISConsulting Group, and with it DISDental IT.


I decided to setup the DISConsuting Group in 2004, with the simple aim of providing customers with the range of skills needed to support their IT infrastructure in house.

That means we can not only provide the answers you need, we can frequently provide them faster and more cost effectively

The Team


Our technical staff are all specialists and encouraged to take training programmes appropriate to that discipline.  The management team have built the company to provide customers with the range of skills needed to support their computers networks in-house. 


With all this in mind DISDental customers can therefore always expect a consistently high level of service.

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